But I Want it NOW!

20 Jun

I’m sure my neighbors really appreciate me at this moment. I was up late last night working on some new designs that involve drilling small wooden pieces repeatedly. In my small apartment kitchen.  At  eleven in the pm. On a weeknight. Whatever.

I guess I am actually only concerned with the quiet woman who lives directly below us. She deals with a lot of noise from our side (girls dancing and jumping around at 7am, or squealing on the tree-swing right outside her windows), and has never complained. But I hope it’s payback for the rest of my loud,  inconsiderate, stinky neighbors.

I was just so excited. Also, I have a slight problem with instant gratification when I have, what I think is, a good idea–I have wasted plenty of money on ideas and ventures I thought would be a good idea, and could not wait until the next week/day to think it over/seek advice. I am not alone in my crazy: I once waited with a friend for her husband to return from a quick run to the liquor store (we were supposed to leave for a night on the town as soon as he got back) as she was explaining to me about these old plastic chairs that they were planning on restoring with a coat of spray paint to brighten them up. She kept staring at one of them as she told me how the can of paint she had purchased may not be the right color, and that she and Hubby had decided to get another can before painting… As she was talking to me, I could see a familiar glow in her eyes–she was going to paint the chair, right then and there, in her pretty black dress and heals, on the porch, moments before we needed to leave for the restaurant.

I know that look. I am sure Adam sees it in my eyes often.

I am very thankful that no matter what my crazy leads me to think or do, Adam is always there to back me up–even if it does come with some eye rolls.


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