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25 Jun

The past couple days have been slightly frustrating in the jewelry-making department. Some new resin I tried did not cure properly, and many of the pieces that I just made, I will now have to throw away. That is very discouraging, to say the least.

But Adam is keeping my head in the right place. When I try to make “mountains out of molehills”, as he likes to say, Adam brings me back to reality–it doesn’t mean it is all for not. It is a learning curve. I am challenging myself by working with materials I have little experience with, and it is better I find out my pieces are faulty now, than after I sell them to a valued customer. 

So, I am starting a new batch (with the jewelry-grade resin I know works), and I am learning from my mistakes. Hopefully it won’t set me back too far! 

Have you ever felt discouraged to the point of almost giving up? What made you want to keep going?


More Photos of the Naptime Rush:

20 Jun


But I Want it NOW!

20 Jun

I’m sure my neighbors really appreciate me at this moment. I was up late last night working on some new designs that involve drilling small wooden pieces repeatedly. In my small apartment kitchen.  At  eleven in the pm. On a weeknight. Whatever.

I guess I am actually only concerned with the quiet woman who lives directly below us. She deals with a lot of noise from our side (girls dancing and jumping around at 7am, or squealing on the tree-swing right outside her windows), and has never complained. But I hope it’s payback for the rest of my loud,  inconsiderate, stinky neighbors.

I was just so excited. Also, I have a slight problem with instant gratification when I have, what I think is, a good idea–I have wasted plenty of money on ideas and ventures I thought would be a good idea, and could not wait until the next week/day to think it over/seek advice. I am not alone in my crazy: I once waited with a friend for her husband to return from a quick run to the liquor store (we were supposed to leave for a night on the town as soon as he got back) as she was explaining to me about these old plastic chairs that they were planning on restoring with a coat of spray paint to brighten them up. She kept staring at one of them as she told me how the can of paint she had purchased may not be the right color, and that she and Hubby had decided to get another can before painting… As she was talking to me, I could see a familiar glow in her eyes–she was going to paint the chair, right then and there, in her pretty black dress and heals, on the porch, moments before we needed to leave for the restaurant.

I know that look. I am sure Adam sees it in my eyes often.

I am very thankful that no matter what my crazy leads me to think or do, Adam is always there to back me up–even if it does come with some eye rolls.


It’s About to Get Messy!

20 Jun

It's About to Get Messy!

It’s naptime, and I am going to make every minute count. I’m casting bees, flowers, and some botanical leaves in resin. Time to put on the gloves and open the windows!


I love working at my kitchen table!

18 Jun

I love working at my kitchen table!

works-in-progress: I love working at my kitchen table!

4 Jun


Today, I am alone: Magpie is at preschool, Phoenix is in the mountains, and Adam is at work. A perfect chance to turn up the music, have a me-time dance party, and clean out the bedroom to make a little work-space for myself. But somehow it has turned into pulling everything out of every closet in the house, moving it all around so it makes sense, hanging things on the walls, taking things down from the walls, and creating piles of stuff all over the house. It’s a good thing I have an entire day to do this. I always make such a big mess before I actually get to the cleaning. Is that normal?

Hopefully, when the day is through, I will have a nice work desk, with all my crafty bits and pieces organized and accessible. Then I can really get down to business.

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1 Jun


I keep finding dead bees on the ground. I know that there has been a lot of buzz about the dwindling bee population, but it is only recently that I have noticed the little honey-makers all over the ground. It is probably because I have been spending much of my time looking at the ground when I go on walks with the girls. I have been looking for interesting twigs to turn into jewelry, but the bees have turned out to be much more interesting. I have a little collection going–eight fuzzy-headed bees, presently–in a small lidded container. My plan is to encase them in resin and use them in some of my jewelry. I really just don’t want them to get stepped on.

I think if I sell some of the  pieces I make with the bees, I will donate some of the money here. I found this Reuters article and its links helpful for understanding why the bees are dying.

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