New Energy

18 Jun

making muffins together

I have been working almost non-stop in the hours spent at home: creating new designs, finishing pieces, researching business-related things, posting, organizing…It has left me a bit tired, but I am re-energized each morning when I think about what I am accomplishing little by little. I am trying to create a life for myself and my family that involves more time spent together, whether it is working together, or playing.

I need a little more organization, some professional financial advice(!), and a lot more time. But I know I will get there if I just take it one day at a time, and most importantly, do not let myself become discouraged!


I love working at my kitchen table!

18 Jun

I love working at my kitchen table!

works-in-progress: I love working at my kitchen table!

4 Jun


Today, I am alone: Magpie is at preschool, Phoenix is in the mountains, and Adam is at work. A perfect chance to turn up the music, have a me-time dance party, and clean out the bedroom to make a little work-space for myself. But somehow it has turned into pulling everything out of every closet in the house, moving it all around so it makes sense, hanging things on the walls, taking things down from the walls, and creating piles of stuff all over the house. It’s a good thing I have an entire day to do this. I always make such a big mess before I actually get to the cleaning. Is that normal?

Hopefully, when the day is through, I will have a nice work desk, with all my crafty bits and pieces organized and accessible. Then I can really get down to business.

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1 Jun


I keep finding dead bees on the ground. I know that there has been a lot of buzz about the dwindling bee population, but it is only recently that I have noticed the little honey-makers all over the ground. It is probably because I have been spending much of my time looking at the ground when I go on walks with the girls. I have been looking for interesting twigs to turn into jewelry, but the bees have turned out to be much more interesting. I have a little collection going–eight fuzzy-headed bees, presently–in a small lidded container. My plan is to encase them in resin and use them in some of my jewelry. I really just don’t want them to get stepped on.

I think if I sell some of the  pieces I make with the bees, I will donate some of the money here. I found this Reuters article and its links helpful for understanding why the bees are dying.

Eggs and Caterpillars

31 May

Yesterday, I found three empty egg cartons on my counter, patiently waiting for the soil and seeds that I never gave them. I had big plans for these molded pieces of cardboard, usually destined for the recycling bin. They were going to become the temporary homes to our sweet smelling moon flowers, our giant summer squash, our bright-faced sunflowers, and our Halloween jack-o-lanterns. But, alas, May is a very hectic month in this house, and I never got around to buying the soil. Too late now–we’ll have to buy starter plants again this year.

So, anyway, I had these empty egg cartons. I also had three loud children who couldn’t agree on anything (and, frankly, were really getting on my nerves). It was so obvious: 3 empty egg cartons + 3 bored and bickering children = egg-carton-caterpillars! Just like when I was a kid. Perfect.


  • empty egg cartons
  • scissors
  • white glue
  • crayons
  • watercolor paints
  • pipe cleaners
  • googly eyes (or you could draw the eyes)


  1. Cut the egg cartons down the center, lengthwise, then cut to desired length. I only ended up using one whole carton, and we each had one half of one length–three egg “pockets” each (what is the correct term for the egg “cups”?). You can trim any excess cardboard on the carton as desired.
  2. Have the kids color a design on their caterpillar with crayon (the design will show through the paints later).
  3. Then have them paint the caterpillar.
  4. Cut a pipe cleaner in half.
  5. Poke two holes where you want the antennae to protrude, then pull one half length of a pipe cleaner down through the top of one hole, and then up through the bottom of the other. You can curl the tips.
  6. Squeeze drops of glue  where you want the eyes to be, then affix the googly eyes (or just draw them on).
  7. Go outside and play with your new friends in the grass!

There are more ideas and links for Activities involving The Very Hungry Caterpillar here:

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