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Moving Onward and Upward (and Right Next Door)

28 Jul

Our ‘box city’ is not nearly as cool as this ‘box city’.

It has been a couple of weeks since I have posted anything on here. It is not for a lack of trying (or lack of things to say), but lack of down-time. I am putting many things on the back-burner right now, so that I may focus on not going completely insane. In three days, we are moving into a duplex right next door to the building we live in now, and we did not know we were moving until about two weeks ago. It’s kind of a long story, but in short, we need more room, and this place has it.

I find it very difficult to function amid the chaos of the moving process.  I feel claustrophobic in the middle of the small city of boxes  that is being constructed in our already tiny living room. My creativity is being crushed under to-do lists and stress, so I had to stop making my jewelry, my art–everything but dinner, really.  It is all a bit overwhelming.

But, however frazzled I may be right now, I have to look beyond the move. I have to think of the reasons we are moving (more space, my own space),  and remind myself that this part of the process does not last forever. Besides, moving is a perfect time to purge our home of all the superfluous things we have brought in. It is also a perfect time to organize all of the papers and possessions we are bringing into our new home.

I have much to think about and plan in the first couple of weeks after we move, including the beginning of our first year of homeschooling (Yeah!).  My favorite part to think about right now, (besides having hardwood floors instead of nasty old carpet!), is how I am going to set up my creative space in the basement. I have never had a room of my own in my adult life, and I am going to cherish it.

Any tips on organizing a creative workspace?


I Love You Denver!

21 Jun

Denver Skyline and MountainsI grew up in a small town. We did not have museums, or zoos, or even a shopping mall. My mom didn’t plan outings or activities during the summer months–there just weren’t a lot of resources, especially for poor families. Moslty we just played out in the yard, or at the elementary school playground that was directly behind our townhome.

We took family “vacations” to Denver once every year or so. It was about a four hour drive, give or take depending on the road construction, but I absolutely loved those trips. My favorite part was that first glimpse of the skyline. My little brother and I would squeal with delight at that sight. We would usually stay a couple of nights at the Holiday Inn, and do a couple of touristy things, or go to Elich Gardens Amusement Park. I remember going to the Museum of Natural History (now the Denver Museum of Nature and Science) during a few of our stays. I loved it there–my dad always knew what everything was, and that amazed me.

When I made the decision to move to Denver, when Phoenix was a year and a half, I knew it was the right one. I wanted her to experience all that living in a city has to offer–and she has (she’s eight now). She trains for ballet at The Colorado Ballet Academy (on scholarship), there are a ton of school choices (Denver Public Schools has a “choice-in” option if your neighborhood school is not a good fit–I had one choice growing up), we frequently visit the Denver Zoo, The Children’s Museum, The Butterfly Pavilion, The Denver Botanic Gardens, and of course, the Denver Museum Of Nature and Science (DMPS). We purchase at least two different memberships to these places per year because we get much more than our money’s worth.

I love how excited the girls still get when we go to the DMNS, even though we go almost once a week. There is so much to see and learn! The photos are from our trip yesterday. The first stop was Space Odyssey where we watched an interactive digital image projection of the universe. We looked at a few of the planets, asked some questions, and gawked the amazing technology in front of us. The girls were really into it:

looking at the solar system

Listening to the volunteer in Space Odyssey.

In response to my decision to move to Denver seven years ago, one of my best friends said to me, “I could never let my child live somewhere where they can’t see the stars at night”.  To be honest, I do miss the pitch-black sky with that mind-boggling spray of stars that we can only see far from the city’s glow. But I guess we all need to make sacrifices, sometimes, in order to have those things which we feel are important.

We have traded the clear night sky for a glimpse of the sun.

Looking at solar flares through the BIG telescope

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