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1 Jun


I keep finding dead bees on the ground. I know that there has been a lot of buzz about the dwindling bee population, but it is only recently that I have noticed the little honey-makers all over the ground. It is probably because I have been spending much of my time looking at the ground when I go on walks with the girls. I have been looking for interesting twigs to turn into jewelry, but the bees have turned out to be much more interesting. I have a little collection going–eight fuzzy-headed bees, presently–in a small lidded container. My plan is to encase them in resin and use them in some of my jewelry. I really just don’t want them to get stepped on.

I think if I sell some of the  pieces I make with the bees, I will donate some of the money here. I found this Reuters article and its links helpful for understanding why the bees are dying.

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